Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Thomas Inspired} Train Birthday Party

My little guy spent 30 minutes playing with the train table at Toys R' Us the other day, and another 50 minutes (would have been longer, but I pulled him away) playing with the trains at IKEA.

I decided to host a train birthday party to celebrate Harvey's second year on earth. (Side story... he's more obsessed with Curious George and I had planned to do a George inspired party this year, but I found an idea for the train to say "Two Two!" so I had to push George to next year.)

Here is the invite:

I made matching cupcake toppers and tied some twine around the base:

For the dessert table, I had red and blue candy in glass containers, with a cute little tag to identify each one. And just a little tip... if you don't have a cake stand (or you just need an extra one) turn a bowl upside-down, and lay a plate on top. I did this with the blue bowl and red plate in the back.

(I found these adorable frames at IKEA for only 99 cents each! They have space for two photos - one in the front, and the other in the back, so I made a sign for one side, and put a picture of Harvey in the other.)

And for lunch, I lined up his {new} blue, remote control train and a couple of wicker baskets on a red table runner to look like a train with cars. I set the salad bowl in one, and rolls in the other. The rolls were used to make sandwiches out of BBQ pulled pork. (Yummy recipe coming soon!)

The birthday boy had a couple of matching balloons tied to his chair. (I'm pretty sure he would have been pleased as punch with those as his only gift.)

We played our annual game of pin the party hat on Harvey...

And since the guests were all adults, I put together a "Who knows Harvey best?" questionnaire. My Uncle was bold enough to guess that beer was Harvey's beverage of choice. My mom thought that was terrible. I thought it was funny.

And, I even snagged some sweet photos of Harvey in his new conductor gear blowing out the candles.

Harvey got a lot of really nice gifts (thank you everyone for being so generous!). His top three were...

The remote control train from Grandma Yanda:

The train track set from Mom and Dad:

We all posed for some nice family shots...

Thank you all for coming! It was a blast!


  1. You'd make the perfect party planner!! Get ready to plan a girl party in February!! GREAT pics too!

  2. Tiff,

    I just got your Christmas card! I had to let you know that it was the cutest one I received this year! Harvey is a little doll!

    Be watching for my card - I'm a little behind and just got them all in the mail this morning.

    Have a wonderful holiday! Even though I haven't taken the time to comment much lately - know that I read and admire every post!!!

    You're AMAZING!
    Love ya,



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