Monday, October 25, 2010

Toddler: Jack-o-Magnet

Every year my hubby's family has a huge Halloween bash. We dress up, eat like royalty, play games, and have a dance party. And last year, each family was required to be in charge of a game.

I bought a big pumpkin, and I cut out some facial features out of yellow cardstock and laminated them. At the party, on their turn, each child picked out his/her favorite facial features and then tried to place them in the correct location on the pumpkin while blindfolded. We stuck them on with masking tape, but removable adhesive putty would probably have worked a little better.

This year, I found my facial features in my holiday box... but I wasn't in charge of bringing a fun Halloween game to the annual party. And, of course, I couldn't let those adorable facial features go to waste... so I turned them into another fun game for my little guy.

I bought an adhesive magnet sheet and stuck it to some orange paper. I lightly drew a pumpkin shape and cut it out. Then I attached smaller magnets (small pieces of the long strip) to the facial features.

Now he can mix and match the pieces to create some funky pumpkin faces...

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