Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Pumpkin Centerpiece

My sister-in-law created the most adorable Halloween centerpiece for under TWO dollars. I had to recreate her masterpiece on my kitchen table:

I already had the vase, and I bought the little, black, Styrofoam balls in a bag at Dollar Tree. (I actually bought two bags, put some extra in this vase, and the rest in the one below). After pouring in the little balls, I just set a mini pumpkin right on top.

My sister-in-law's creation looked more like this one - with a straight cylinder vase:

Aren't they cute? You could probably get the same effect by pouring uncooked, black beans in your vase if you can't find the Styrofoam balls.

I've entered this in the Get Your Craft On linky party for today! Check it out if you so desire...

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  1. You could also use black beans instead of the styrofoam balls..more organic.


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