Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrap Saturday - Making a Sticker

Sorry, I completely forgot to post this last Saturday!! So here's my tutorial from last week, along with all my layouts from then until now. :)

Today's tutorial is about how to make something look like a sticker. I don't use this technique very often, but I always love the result when I do! Let's get started...

For this tutorial, I'm going to assume you are familiar with extractions. If not, check out my silhouette tutorial for some tips. Once you get your photo extracted on a separate layer (or if you are using word art or something that is already "extracted" we can start from here. I just changed the background layer to blue so you could see my stroke better..

1. Add a stroke. Click the little fx icon at the bottom of the layers pallette, and choose Stroke.

2. I chose 35 px, an outside stroke, and I changed the color to pure white. Just click on the color box and choose your color.

3. If we just added a drop shadow, it would be hidden behind the stroke. We need to make the stroke part of the extracted layer. Check to see that your extracted layer is chosen, and then go to Layer > Layer Style > Create Layer. Now you should have two layers: one being your photo, and the other is the stroke.

3 a. I forgot to get a print screen of this, but you need to combine the two layers into one. Click the top one (should be your photo), and hit Ctrl + E. It will merge the two layers into one.

4. Now add a drop shadow. (Click the little fx at the bottom of the layers pallette again and this time choose drop shadow. Check out my tutorial on shadowing for more tips.

Now just drag your "sticker" layer into your layout. :)

Here's my finished layout:

And I did my first speed scrap last week! Here's the result:

This week's layouts:

I'm also competing in the "Battle of the Creative Teams" at It's fun, but kind of stressful - I can't believe all the rules in this thing. The winners of the competition get products from every participating designer - so pretty, PRETTY PLEASE will you go vote for my team today or tomorrow?? We're competing for WM[squared] Designs - so just click the circle next to that name... it will only take a second! Here's my layout:


  1. Awesome tutorial! Just might have to vote for you on all of our computers/ipods!

  2. This is so cool!
    And I am glad we both were able to find our own Flinstone :)


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