Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scrap Saturday - Journal Inside a Shape

This week's tutorial is one of the main reasons I decided on Photoshop CS3 over Photoshop Elements. I LOVE that you can journal inside any shape and Photoshop makes it fit just right.

My layout this week is about my delivery of Harvey, so I wanted some round shapes in there to symbolize my pregnancy. How better to do that then to put my journaling in the same shape?

Let's get started!

In my layout, I already had a shape drawn (the red half circles in the layers pallette) to clip my beige paper on. If you don't have shapes on your layout already (or a journaling mat, etc.) then you'll need to draw one. Use the custom shape tool.

1. Right click your shape in the layers palette and choose select pixels. You should see marching ants around your shape.

2. I didn't want my text to go right up to the edges of the beige paper, so I made my selection smaller. To do this, choose Select > Modify > Contract. Another window will open asking you how much, I contracted by 50px, and you can see my new selection in the print screen.

3. Now click the little tab at the top of the layers palette that says Paths. All the way to the right (under the little x) is another tab that has three lines and an arrow. Click that, and a dropdown menu will open. Choose "Make Work Path...", then click the Layers Tab again.

4. Choose the text tool.

5. Click directly inside your selection/shape. This will create a text outline that follows the same selection you had. Start typing! (Remember to choose the little green check mark at the top when you are satisfied.) And you can adjust the alignment as well - I set mine to right-align.

**Tip: When you choose complicated shapes (hearts, stars, etc.) watch for weird word breaks. Either use the space bar, enter to another line or make your font smaller to help compensate.

Here's my final layout:

And here are my other layouts using the new products this week...

And WOOT!! This layout got recognized as a Gallery Stand Out! I'm so excited!!


  1. I love this picture of Harvey. What a little man standing so there so cool. Super cute page!

  2. Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!


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