Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scrap Saturday - 2 Page Layouts

I used to scrapbook the "traditional" way - with paper, scissors, and glue. And almost all of my layouts were two-page spreads. After I made the switch over to digital, most of my layouts were just one page. And I do like it that way.

But sometimes, I have so much "stuff" (pictures, or journaling, etc.) that it would look better on two pages. Instead of designing one page at a time, I do them at the same time - just like I would be able to do with all of my paper supplies laid out on the desk.

Let's get started:

1. Open a new file...

2. ... and set the width to double what you normally scrapbook. I scrapbook at 12x12 so my width is set to 24. Set your height at the usual size. Make sure "inches" is selected in the dropdown menu, and set your resolution to 300 pixels/inch for optimum printing quality.

Scrapbook as you normally would. Fill up the two pages with all your paper, elements, journaling, pictures, and don't forget your shadowing! Keep in mind when you are filling everything in where the seam will be after printing. Don't put anything important right in the center. 

When you are satisfied with your 2-page spread, save the layered file. Now we will save each page as a separate flattened file for printing.

3. Flatten the whole image. Choose Layer>Flatten Image.

4. Choose the crop tool and enter half the width of your document (mine is 12 inches), and the same height as the document (also 12 inches).

5. Start at the top left corner, and drag a crop square until it reaches all the bounds of your first page.

6. Click the green check mark at the top to crop. Then "Save AS" a .jpg in the destination folder of your choice.

 7. In the History, choose "Flatten Image" and it will take you back to your two-page spread - before you cropped the first page.

8. Choose the crop tool again, double check to see that your width and height are still where you set them, and crop starting at the top right corner of the document. Drag to the center until all the bounds of your second page are selected. Then choose the green check mark again, and "Save AS" a different .jpg in the destination folder of your choice.

See how easy that was? Now you can send both pages off to be printed separately, but they will coordinate and line up perfectly. Or if you are printing your pages in a book - each page can be uploaded with ease.

Here's page one of my finished layout:

And here's page two:

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