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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things About Me...

Since today is my birthday... I thought I'd share some random things about me:

I made my little niece take this photo of me. Pretty good for a 6 year-old, eh?
  1. I'm a massage therapist. (And I just posted my technique on folding fitted sheets...)
  2. I am very interested in learning more about photography. In fact, it's kind of become a hobby, and a new DSLR camera is the only thing I want for my birthday/Christmas. 
  3. I really love scrapbooking (what, you're surprised?!)
  4. I'm bossy. I have a natural tendency to try to be in charge of everything and I have to remind myself to step back - especially if I'm out of place!
  5. I secretly like cleaning. Not picking up everyday clutter and all that normal stuff, but when something is dirty, I love scrubbing and rinsing and stepping back to see it sparkle.
  6. I love post-it notes. And I LOVE that both my phone and windows 7 on my laptop have digital versions. 
  7. I like organizing by color. Maybe I'll have to post some of those ways on my crafty blog.
  8. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be an architect. And I've always loved drawing floor plans (more on that later).
  9. I'm scared of using a lighter. I'd rather use a match. 
  10. I've (very minorly) electrocuted myself 2 times.
  11. I've fainted 6 times
  12. I've gotten stitches 2 times - both times in my foot!
  13. I've never broken a bone.
  14. My two favorite candybars are Twix and Big Hunk. Oh, and it's not a candy bar per say... but I love Mambas too.
  15. "Wow!" is the most overused word in my vocabulary right now. I say it a billion times a day to Harvey. 

  16.    Oh, why not go to 27... 

  17. I love the color red!
  18. My favorite song right now is Soul Sister by Train.
  19. I really love cream slushies at Sonic.
  20. I know the lyrics to an extensive number of songs that play on the radio and I have this annoying need to correct people that sing the wrong words.
  21. I really do love to talk on the phone. (Apologies to those on the other end of the line.)
  22. I'm kinda scared of the dark. Okay, not the dark, but what could be lurking in the dark. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I turn all the lights in the house on and check to make sure no scary people are hiding out.
  23. Despite number 21, I really like watching scary movies. It always comes back to haunt me though...
  24. The 4th of July and Halloween are my favorite holidays. (Does that make me a bad Christian?)
  25. I have quite a bit of gray hair, and I have had some since I was 13 years old! I think I have some kind of birth mark on the crown of my head that gives me a gray patch.
  26. While squatting down, I can't keep my heels on the ground. My ankles don't bend past a 90 degree angle.
  27. I have sold both Kirby Vacuum Cleaners and Cutco Knives door to door.
  28. Some day I would love to be a professional Event Planner. 


  1. Happy Birthday Tiff! I'm doing the 30 posts/days. It's way fun! I hope you have a great day! It's fun to see how you are doing!

  2. Wait, I thought you wanted to grow up to be a fire engine? :)

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Love the 30 posts idea!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tiff!!

    And I love the photo of Harvey's hand clutching onto some hay...

  4. Happy birthday yesterday Tiffany! and you would be a great event planner :)



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