Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scrap Saturday - Layer From Cut

Sometimes, when digitally scrapbooking, you will come across an element that you wish was separated into more than one layer. This week's tutorial will show you how to split it via: Layer From Cut. I often use this technique to tweak little parts of an element. For example, if I add a bead scatter onto my layout and some of the beads are covering an important part of my photo or text, I can just select those beads, put them in a separate layer and move them out of the way.

However, in my layout for this week, I want a design with a large photo on top and several small squares at the bottom. Instead of drawing one small square and making copies then organizing them, I'm going to make one large piece, and cut it into separate squares.

I've already drawn two large rectangles - one for the large photo on top, and one to split up at the bottom.
1. For my layout, because I'm doing a blocked design, I turned on the grid. To do this, click on View - Show - Grid.

2. Choose the marquee tool.

3. Draw a marquee around the part of your image you want to erase. I drew a long skinny space - using the grid to make sure my squares would be about the same size. Instead of drawing a new box each time, I just moved the same marquee over by using the arrow keys. To erase the selection, just hit the delete button.

Now these are the steps I follow when I want to split an element into two separate layers (such as the bead scatter).

4. Make sure the layer you want to split is chosen in the layers palette. Draw a marquee around the selection.

5. Click Layers - New - Layer From Cut (Shift + Ctrl + J). Now you will have two layers - one being the original layer, and the second with only the selection.

For my layout, I repeated the last two steps for each square, until I had 15 separate layers. This way, I could use each square as a base to clip my paper and photos. Here's my final layout of Harvey's first time at the beach last week:

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