Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scrap Saturday - Creating Groups in Photoshop

This week I'm just going to show you a simple little thing I do to keep some order in my layers palette. I love creating groups - not just for order - but so I can move groups of things around or apply a drop shadow to multiple layers at the same time.

For example, on this layout I used an alpha for my title. Each letter is on a separate layer, but I want to be able to move and re-size all of them at the same time. So let's put them in a group.

Select all the layers you want to include in your group, then drag them to the little folder icon on the bottom of the layers palette. All of them will be moved into a nice little folder called "Group 1". To rename it, just double click on the name. If you create a new layer you want to add into your group, just drag it into the folder.

Super simple, but it makes things much easier! I like that you can click the little arrow next to the group and it will minimize. This is especially helpful on layouts where I have a ton of layers. Here's my finished layout:


  1. Okay, I have some more "requests" about things I need to be better at:

    #1: Drop shadows...I use them because they make the pages look more authentic. However, sometimes it looks great, others it looks totally fake. Is there a secret? Do you use the same settings each time?

    #2: Layouts. I've always been really good at the "color design" aspect of things and finding papers and embellishments that match. I pretty much suck at creating layouts on my own though. Are there sites which just give cute layout ideas? Do you think people get upset when I pretty much copy their layout idea, but use my own papers and embellishments?

  2. LOL...I 'acidently' found out how to do this just the other day after we talked about it!!


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