Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gale Center

Did you know South Jordan has their own interactive history museum where children can play while learning about how people used to live??

Well, they do. It's called the Gale History Center, and it's located just off of 106th South next to the Smiths Grocery store on Redwood Road. If you know where the old South Jordan Library used to be, it's in the same building.

They do like you to at least get a partial tour of one part of the center before you let the children play, but it's really informative!!

In the children's area you can:

... gather eggs from the chicken hatch:

... milk a cow (sorry it's blurry):
... go fishing:

... make dinner with the gathered eggs and milk:

...wash and hang dry clothing:

... weigh your baby (for free!) at the local market:

... have an old fashioned sack race:

... or play school (in the background of the above photo).

It's seriously a fabulous museum! Go try it out!

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