Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple 4th Decor

Framed Flags:

I usually have 5x7 photos from our last family photo shoot in these 8x10 frames (the big family portrait is the one on the left). All I had to do was purchase .49 cent flags, tape them to a white paper background and put them in the frames. I left our family pictures in the frames to make switching things easier when the holiday ends.

Chunky Number 4:
I had this idea in my head for a while. I love decorating with numbers, so why not use one for the holiday named after one?? This would have been easier if I could had found a precut number in a style I liked at the craft stores, but I made it work anyway (and saved money in the process!). I went to my local hardware store, and found a bent 2x2 in their scrap pile. They sold all 12 feet to me for a quarter. I had my sweet hubby cut it in pieces and glue it together with liquid nails, which we already had on hand. I painted it white and propped it up in a corner on my kitchen counter.

I love my simple, yet classy Independence Day decor ideas.. will you try them??

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