Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Go to IKEA

So.. let me just say I'm lame because I totally forgot to get pictures of our little outing to IKEA this go around. And posts without pictures aren't as fun... so here you go:
image via here

I decided to take the girls here because (1) it's completely free, (2) it's fun, and (3) lunch is really cheap.

I'll explain a little for those of you who've never been to IKEA, because this store is unlike any other. Upstairs is the "showroom" where all their products are laid out in "rooms" kind of similar to a furniture store. Only, IKEA's rooms are more like actual apartments with walls and lights. I swear, the girls could play house for hours in the little apartments. The best part about them is that you can open, touch, lay on, or try out everything in the "apartment." No seriously. They even have little signs reading "open me."

As a side note... I never would have known about a product they have to make cabinet doors and drawers close slowly and softly unless I obeyed the sign. And how glad I am that I obeyed!

After you wander through the whole maze that is their showroom, you end up in the children's room section. All their toys are available to try out (just icing on the cake for kids). Just off the children's section is the bistro. IKEA has pretty much thought of everything. Their kids meals are pretty cheap: $2.50 for three items (and the list is HUGE), and the adult meals aren't bad either. They even have a little wheely cart that holds three dining trays so you don't have to juggle more than one. Oh - and they have a children's dining section with a running movie on a flat screen, little tables and chairs, fun colored plastic utensils (also available in their store), bibs, and a microwave for heating formula in a bottle.

If you couldn't tell... I'm a big fan. And so are the girls. They literally cheered out loud when they found out we were headed there. Plus - I got to shop: win-win if you ask me.

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