Thursday, May 27, 2010

French Tipped Nails Made Easy

Want to know a secret to make painting a french tip on your nails much easier?

The key is using a nail brush. Okay, I know most of you don't have a spare one of those lying around the house... but I bet you have an old make up brush! The bristles should be kind of stiff.

Here is mine:

Start by painting white polish straight out (just like you would paint any other color) just on the tip. Don't worry about making it a bit messy because you'll clean it up with the brush.

Dip your brush into nail polish remover and run it right under where you want the white to stop. It will take off the extra polish and leave you with a nice, clean line. If one swipe doesn't get it all off, just dip it in again and brush a second time. I usually dip my brush and wipe it on the edge of the remover bottle as I'm pulling it out.

It's up to you how thick you like it. A real french tip is traditionally made with a curved line - starting lower on the sides of the nail and curving up in the center. It just takes a little practice to get the hang of doing the curve, but it's not hard!

Once you've done all the white, just paint over the whole nail with the light pink color and you're done.

Try it out! You'll save yourself 20-30 bucks, although I do admit the polish job is only a part of the reason I get a pedicure. There's nothing like having someone massage your feet!

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  1. Your toes look gorgeous! Can you believe that even though I work in a salon and I have had many pedicures, I have never had a french tip pedicure! You have inspired me to try something new.


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