Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outgrown Clothing Solutions

Kids grow out of clothing like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes I'm shocked at how few times Harvey has actually worn something before he's outgrown it. Since he is my first kid.. I want to save all his clothing for *hopefully* the next boys that come along. Here's what I do to keep it all organized.

I know it's not the best photo, but I keep a large (56 gallon I think?) plastic box in the corner of Super H's closet. He hasn't tried to mess with it yet, but it's also wedged in by the toy organizer and propped up on another box so his efforts wouldn't be very fruitful. Here's another look from the top:

When I try something on him and he's grown out of it, I just take it off, fold it up and set it in the box. After the box gets full we label it (Boy - 9-12 Months for example) and put it in storage. Then we buy another box to replace it.

If you don't want to store the clothing, you can set up a "Charity" bin. I had some extra garbage cans (Harvey was throwing everything away and I had to get new locking bins) so I just put a clean garbage sack inside and set it up in my laundry room. Now, anytime we have clothing that we want to give away, we can just throw it in the "trash" can and when the bag gets full we'll take it to our local charity.


  1. My mom did this with cardboard boxes when we were kids. I always loved when she'd pull down a box for one of my siblings to "go shopping" from. Best part: She STILL has the stuff which doesn't look too shabby for when we have kids. I'm actually really excited to see clothes I wore as a kid on my kids...if I ever have any... :)

  2. You could also save the stuff that you don't want, and give it to someone you know who is having a baby. I got a ton of girl stuff from Joanne and another friend of mine, and I'm so grateful!

  3. I like this idea. I've been struggling with this lately. With 3 kids and only 1 hall sized closet b/w them I had to come up with something different. Plus I needed a space to put all the new "big" clothes, the ones they hadn't grown into yet. So I put the girls under their bed because the bed skirt hides them. I have a "too big" and "too small" for each girl. Once they are full I try to transfer them to a new clear tub. With Samuel I haven't thought of what to do. If I put a box under his bed he'll play with it, making forts, thinking it's laundry in it, etc. So in the meantime it piles up on my dresser. I wish I had a better solution though. Because once the boxes under their bed are full (they are not tall enough to put plastic tubs underneath) I am too lazy to go and re-organize the plastic bins and take them downstairs. Silly. Any ideas?

  4. @Hannah:

    Most of Harvey's clothes are hand-me-downs from cousins, so I know what you mean about the "too big" clothing situation.

    Harvey's got his own room for now, so there is plenty of hanging space in there, and I decided it took up less space to hang all of the clothes he was going to grow into rather then find another place for the bin. So, that's what I do - even if they are a couple of sizes too big.

    As for Samuel's under-the-bed options, could you move some things he plays with more (or would be easy to clean up like extra blankets, etc) under his bed and put the clothing where that stuff was?

    Also, Harvey's "too small" bins are on the highest shelves in his closet. Somehow they fit great up there, I don't reach up there often, and he can't mess with it.


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