Thursday, April 22, 2010

Discovery Museum

If you happen to live in Utah - you NEED to visit this place at least once. It's located at the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City.

I hadn't ever been there, but since the girls just started another "off track" session, we headed up there. It is so much fun! Inside, it's almost like a little child-size village with TONS of imaginary things to play with, or dress up. 

Here were our favorites:
The construction zone was a big hit. There are foam "cement blocks", and two different cranes to lift them to the top level. Once you get them up there, you can match the different shaped blocks to the puzzle on the wall to build structures.
The water system.
They have all kinds of stationary tubes, tunnels and buckets with running water. You can put little ping pong sized balls in the top of the tubes to see where the water will take them.
The Farm:
You can harvest the vegetable garden, or gather plastic eggs from the chickens (they squawk when you put your hand in the coop), feed or ride the horse, or make horseshoes. Harvey especially liked riding in the truck.

The Grocery Store:
This is absolutely adorable. There are aprons for different workers (baker, butcher, stocker, checker, etc.) and areas for each person. You can shop with a cart or basket and gather food from the aisles and bins, then take your food to the checker to bag everything. They even have a deli where you can order a custom-made sandwich.

The Cork Box:
Yeah. A sandbox with no sand... just small bits of cork. It was super cool. And I loved that the kids could just brush the cork off - and not track it into my car!

If you're not from Utah - try to find something like this in your area... the kids were entertained for 3 and a half hours, and they wanted to stay longer!

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  1. We loved this place too! Sophie especially loved the water area. It was the worst trying to get her to leave it.


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