Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winner of the WMITW Award!

What's that you say? Well, it's the "Worst Mom In The World" Award. And I win.

First... about a month ago, I was at church and a friend noticed a little goop in Harvey's eye and asked me if he might have pink eye. I totally shrugged off the comment because that eye has been a little goopy since birth and patted myself on the back for "knowing" my son.

Fast forward 5 days. Harvey wakes up with his eye sealed shut with goop. He has pink eye. I call the doc, and he prescribed me some eye drops over the phone so I wouldn't have to come in. (Nice doc, right?!) I headed over to the pharmacy and was told to administer drops 4x a day for 2 days. I congratulate myself for saving a 25 dollar copay.

Fast forward 4 days. I stopped with the eye drops after 3 days, and the pink eye is back. I called the doc again, and was forwarded to the nurse who told me anything "antibiotic" should be administered 7-10 days and the pharmacist didn't know what she was talking about. I start with the eye drops all over again. Now I've had pink eye - and it stinks. I'm pretty sure I moaned about it until it was completely gone. But if you looked at Harvey - it was as if he didn't even know something was infecting his eye!

{Meanwhile, I'll just insert here that I was tending the girls full time and living at Steve and Monique's house while they were in Hawaii. Harvey wasn't sleeping well, but I attributed it to the fact that he was in his pack n' play instead of his crib at home, and the pink eye.}

Fast forward 6 days. The pink eye cleared up. Harvey has a nose like a running faucet, and has a little dry cough. His 15 month "well check" got rescheduled for a week and a half away. His demeanor STILL hasn't changed one bit. He's going full speed everywhere, eating like a horse and napping well. I decide it's probably just a little cold, and we can stick it out the week and a half or it will get better on it's own.

Fast forward 7 days. The cough is still around, the nose is still running, and Harvey starts waking up in the middle of the night: at 1:30am, at 4:30am, at 6:30am, and at 8am. (He usually sleeps in until AT LEAST 9:30.) Only 2 more days until his appointment, and I have to work, so I just decide to wait. His demeanor finally starts to slug. He just wants to snuggle, and he eats like a normal child. 

Fast forward 2 days. Harvey and I go to his "well-child" visit to find out that despite being very healthy and strong overall, he's sick with the following:
  • a double ear infection
  • a sinus infection
  • and tonsilitis
Apparently they (including the pink eye) are all related. When you get an infection somewhere in your head (eye, nose, ear, or throat) and it doesn't clear up entirely, it just spreads to the others. Here's how he looked right after the appointment (finally showing how he really felt):

As the doc put it... I've got a strong child, putting me at a disadvantage because he will give me NO clues as to what is going on inside his body. Right about then I told Harvey he couldn't have a starburst from the diaper bag, and he lost it. The doc said, "Well, he gets offended easily. At least we know he can cry."

Note to self: If a friend at church asks if your kid has pink eye - schedule a doctor's visit for the next day and save yourself the trouble.


  1. Oh man, poor Harvey! Poor Tiff! Jacob has always been the same way. I know he's REALLY sick when he just wants to sit on the couch all day, or when he falls asleep early. I hope Harvey feels better soon.

  2. AWWW - Poor Harvey! Since I have been through this many times it made me laugh! You are no the WMITW! This is just a normal part of raising kids. You're doing great now get some sleep!

  3. Oh no! That sucks. But I don't think the WMINTW award goes to you... :) You're far too awesome for that.

  4. OH MY! Poor little fella. Hope he is doing well. And the WMINTW award should go to me!


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