Friday, February 12, 2010

Log-Ins Organized

Super Hubby is in his last semester of his Bachelor's Degree (Woo Hoo!) and he's taking a class about internet security. Pretty much, he's learning how to hack into MANY "secure" home processes, for the sole purpose of learning how to defend against it. Weird, but relevant.

We are pretty tech-savvy people. And we love having cool technologies in our home - like being able to store our DVDs on the external hard drive upstairs, and being able to watch them wirelessly downstairs on the big screen. It's just satisfying; I'm not sure why.

Anyway, I used to store all of my login information e-mails (Welcome to insert-site-here, here's your username and password...) in a folder on my gmail account. That way, when I forgot a password, I could just look it up right online - but Super Hubby said he had a new program that could figure out my password. I bet him it couldn't and I lost. So.. I came up with a new very-difficult-if-at-all-possible-to-beat password for gmail, and deleted all of those login e-mails just in case. Now where was I going to store all of those passwords??

(photo from here)

I found an old address book and entered them all alphabetically. And if some hacker decides he is crazy enough to pick on us (we're worth what, like a thousand dollars?) and breaks into our home, he probably won't even notice the inconspicuous address book lying on the desk. Unless, of course, he reads this blog. Then I'm screwed.

How do you keep all of that information organized?

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  1. Great minds think a like. And alphabetizing makes me happy! (That's the OCD talking, by the way)


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