Monday, February 8, 2010

Household Binder

I consider myself a pretty organized person. I mean, I have labels and binders for everything! I have responsibilities at church: a binder for each one. I have been in some really time consuming college classes: again, a binder for those. I have a binder for geneology, a binder for my scrapbook stickers and stencils, geez, even our DVDs are organized in their own binder.

But when it came to running my household? Well, I had a messy desk and a lot of post it notes.

Just recently, I finally had an epiphany: I should have a binder for all the stuff I do to keep my house running smoothly.
So far, my categories are as follows:
  • Schedules: includes monthly calendars, an ongoing to-do list, basketball league schedules, and a pocket for invitations/information about upcoming events.
  • Phone: emergency phone list, family members, doctors, dentists, auto repair guy, take-out menus, etc.
  • Cleaning: daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning to-do lists, laundry stain removal guide, how to clean articles from past Martha Stewart Living mags.
  • Money: I'm currently following Dave Ramsey's budgeting plan, so all of the guides and sheets are here, plus my monthly cash flow plan.
  • Home Repairs: ...and remodeling. We are always working on something to update our house. All of my price comparison, information, and ideas will go here.
  • Food: monthly menu guide, new recipes I want to try, tricks of the trade, freezer inventory, pantry inventory.
  • Projects: I'm always working on a project (or 10), so here is where all my information will go. I have a bunch of blank lined sheets here so when I come up with an idea to make/do/blog about, I can jot it down.
  • Kid Stuff: This is the place for all my ideas and information about the summer advent calendar I do with the girls when they are off track. 
  • Travel/Activities: camping pack list, information about our yearly trip to Bear Lake, other vacation ideas/information, out the door list.
Like I said, I just started this, so we'll see how it goes. I might have to change some of the categories around, but at least I have a start. Oh, and I'm not the first one to have this novel idea. I found a couple of other women who have this down to a science: Joy, OrganizedHome, and SimpleMom (who by the way, has some awesome printables.)

How do you stay organized with all the stuff you have to do at home??

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  1. I put together a similar binder at the beginning of the year and I LOVE it! I am way more organized now. I love SimpleMom's printables, too.

    BTW... Nice work on this blog! I am loving it!

  2. We had an enrichment on this years ago and I gathered the info and even bought a binder but never compiled it. But I did make a "health" binder. I have a section for each child and myself (and need to add Tyler). I keep business cards of each doctor we go to and tape it to a page. I keep all their graphs/growing curves, handouts, etc Insurance cards and vaccination cards in a folder divider. I *try* to keep a list of each time they get sick w/symptoms to see if there is a pattern/or how/what we did for their recovery. It has proved helpful as I kept Jocelyn's jaundice billirubin scores which helped me with Cecily's. Thanks for this blog as a reminder to make my own household binder. How thick is it?

  3. Hannah,
    I just used an old padded scrapbook binder I had. It's 3 inches, but it's not close to being full at all right now. You could probably just get a cheap 1 or 2 inch folder to start. :)

    And thanks for the ideas on health stuff. Maybe I should make that as a section in my folder!

  4. This is awesome! I have been looking at your site. Great stuff! I found you on Mom.Nonstop. I would love for you stop by my blog and link up your binder! I am doing a series on office organizing this month on my Organizing Mission Monday. The link is open until Feb. 24th for office links.
    Hope to see you there!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be anxious to hear how you like your binder after a little time. (I think you'll love it)


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