Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything has a Place...

Ever since Super H's first birthday I've been trying to find the perfect system for keeping all of his toys in one place... and I think I've found it! I purchased the Trofast organizer from Ikea because of the following:
  1. It's easy to pull toys out to play with, and super easy to put them away.
  2. Plus it's child-height, so they can do it all themselves.
  3. You can buy as many boxes as you want - in three different depths - and rotate them if you have more toys than the frame can hold. There is a lid available to make the boxes stackable.
  4. This frame has space for "one-item" toys that can just sit on top.
Now, I realize what is perfect for me may not work for you. But I would recommend labels. I love labels, especially for children. When they see the label they realize their toys have a home and they're more likely to put them away in the right spot!

I made picture/word labels to go on each box. I just set up a few toys and snapped a picture, then added the word in Photoshop. I had them printed at Inkleys -they are only 6 cents a picture if you print them on Tuesday or Wednesday- and I cut off a 1/2 inch off the bottom so they would fit on the green boxes. Then I used clear packaging tape to stick them on. It's easily removable if you want to change things around. If you want to use my labels, you can download them here (scroll down for instructions). As Super H gets more toys, I'll make more labels and upload them, so check back if you like them.

The girls and I organized their playroom recently with clear bins and labels.. and I have to say that room has been cleaner and they have played with their toys more since then. It's no fun to play Polly Pocket when you can only find one Polly and half of an outfit.

How to Download:
Click Toy Labels
On the right side of the screen, click "download album"
Check "high res" and uncheck "all album sections"
Click download.


  1. I love all thing organizational. Your system looks great! I hope your labels last longer than mine did. Sophie eventually pulled all of them off. So now only the drawers in her room are labeled and that is only because we had to add more storage bins for the baby's stuff. I hope our Round 2 of labels last longer than round one.

  2. I am totally doing this in my new house. I have been looking for something like this but have not been successful in my search.

  3. I love your labels! I am trying to download them and having trouble....Can you help? It looks like this was an older post so I'm not sure if they are still available for download.Thanks!



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