Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tutorial: Washer Necklaces

I've seen these necklaces a couple of different places and I knew instantly I wanted to make a few.
What's that? Oh you want to make one too? Well here's how:

Washers - mine were 1.5 inches
Scrapbook Paper
Pencil or Punch the same size as your washers
Scissors (not needed if you have the punch)
Exacto Knife (not pictured)
Mod Podge and Sponge Brush
Sanding Block
Liquid Glass/Glossy Accents (Clear liquid embellishment)
Leather cording

1. Trace and cut out circles the size of your washers. If you have a punch, consider yourself lucky. :) I cut out two circles for each necklace.

2. Glue a circle onto one side of your washer. Use a semi-generous amount of Mod Podge, and make sure you get all the edges. (If you don't the clear glaze will pull up the edges as it dries.) Wipe off any extra around the sides. Let it "mostly" dry.

3. Using the exact-o knife, cut out the center of the washer. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the washer. Now you can let both sides completely dry.

4. Sand down the edges and inside of the washer. This step gets rid of any imperfections in your paper cutting and the extra Mod Podge dried on the outside. To get the inner hole, I shoved a corner of my sanding block through.

5. Squeeze the clear liquid embellishment on and spread it around so it covers the whole piece. Let dry completely. Repeat on the other side.

6. String leather cording through... and you're done!


  1. What a cute new blog!!! I can't wait to get mine in the mail.

  2. Cute blog, Tiff! I'm glad your supermom-ness will be on display for the world to see. I think a lot of kids will be having more fun--thanks to you! :)


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