Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scrap Saturday - Manipulating Drop Shadows

Sometimes I can't get a drop shadow to look just right when only using the layer effects. Especially when I want something to look a little curled, or I have a vellum element and I don't want the shadow to show up underneath - or both - like my layout...

Once you've mastered the basics of drop shadows, I'll show you a couple tricks to help you have more control over them. Let's get started.

1. Create a drop shadow. Then right click on the words "drop shadow" and choose "Create Layer."

2. You should now see your original layer (mine is Layer 21), and an additional layer below it with the words "Drop Shadow" added on. Select the new drop shadow layer. Now, we are going to use the Warp tool to make it look like my sticky tab is curling a little away from the paper. Click Edit>Transform>Warp. Drag the borders around until you like what you see. I pushed the borders under the tag where it would be fully "stuck" to the page, and I drug the right corner down a bit, so as to make the tag appear further away from the page. Hit Enter when you're satisfied.

If your layer wasn't transparent... you're done. But if it is, then lets keep going:

3. If I really had a see-thru tag stuck to the paper, I wouldn't see any drop shadow underneath, so lets get rid of that. Select the original layer again (mine is Layer 21) by right clicking. Choose "Select Pixels" in the menu. You should now see marching ants around your element.

4. Now select the layer we want to erase - the Drop Shadow layer. Choose the eraser tool, and erase inside the marching ants. (You don't have to be too careful - the eraser will only work inside your selection). Now you're done!

Here's my finished layout... See how the sticky tabs seem more like they are actually stuck to the page?? It's a really fun way to make your pages look more realistic. You can try this with all sorts of things - photos, ribbons, etc. Have fun!

And here are lots more pages I've completed in the last few weeks... (I've kind of been a slacker on posting them!)

Thanks for reading!


  1. You are an AMAZING scrapper! I love looking at all your layouts!!!

  2. So glad you posted this as drop shadows are my nemesis. I'm totally going to try it out. You do such cute stuff with your pages! My pages aspire to be as cute as day...


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