Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paper Bracelets (or a "manly" chain)

Here's a little flashback into my 7th grade year:
I was in my TLC class (not sure what that stands for, but we rotated through a typing class, home ec., and wood shop during this hour) and I met a new friend, Candice. She taught me how to do the coolest thing I had ever seen in my whole life thus far. We purchased Now and Laters almost everyday after lunch then proceeded to fold the wrappers into this:

(Yes, this is an actual chain that I made in 7th grade. Don't ask why I still have it.)

I decided to teach the girls how to make one - and then hook the ends together for a bracelet. But if you have boys, the chain is cool too. It requires a lot of folding, so this project is best for elementary age children. Super R (5) needed *lots* of assistance, and she was folding the larger pieces, but Super K (7) and Super L (10) had no trouble following my directions folding the smaller pieces.

What you need:
  • 1 sheet of scrapbook paper for each bracelet (you might not use the whole sheet.. depending on how small your wrist is)
  • Large bracelet/chain: cut your sheet into pieces 2in x 6 in
  • Small bracelet/chain: cut your sheet into pieces 1in x 3in

1. Fold your piece of paper in half lengthwise (hot dog style) with the design on the outside.
2. Open it back up, and fold the lenth edges in to your first folded line.
3. Close the original fold.
4. Fold your piece of paper in half widthwise (hamburger style), and open it back up.
5. Fold the width edges in to your folded edge.
6. Close the original fold.

Now you have a little V-shaped "chain link." Push each of the two edges through the two holes of the previous one to connect it. Keep folding and attaching chainlinks until your chain is long enough to wrap (stretch it a bit) around the widest part of your hand, then make one more to attach the ends together. (Make sure you have an even number of links, or it won't look right.)

The last link is kind of tricky. Skip step 6, and push each edge through the two holes, then through the first chainlink and back into the last one. Just copy how your other links look.

Or, if that sounds hard, buy a snap and glue one piece on each end. Happy folding!

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  1. We bought a purse in Mexico for Annelise that looked like this chain. It was made out of different gum brands. The thing cost us $15 who knew I could have made one myself.


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