Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Mop your Floor *Better* in 10 Minutes

So, I'm a big fan of Don Aslett. He started his own professional cleaning business when he was in college and has written several books for women just like us! Now he sells professional cleaning products too. Check out his selection here.

In one of his books he explains how to mop your floor better but in less time! I've tried it out... and he's right, so now I want to share the process with you...

Here's what you need:
  • mop
  • 2 buckets
  • floor squeegee (I just used an old shower squeegie on the bottom of my broom)
  • dust pan
  • rag
His trick is to use two buckets.. one for the clean water, and one for the dirty. First put water in the *clean* bucket with your cleaning solution. Use the rag to squeeze it onto the floor. (I guess if your mop is the sponge kind you don't need a rag.) Mop that area, but instead of gathering up the dirty water and putting it back in the same bucket... you squeegee it up and put it in the *dirty* bucket. That's it. Just keep going through the rest of the room and you're done.

Faster and cleaner. I promise.


  1. this really seems like a lot of work though.

    1. I hear ya. :)

      I still use this method when I've got a really dirty floor, but I try to maintain the cleanliness using my mop with cleaner in a spray bottle.

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