Thursday, December 31, 2009

What do YOU do with all those Christmas Cards?!

I have a little problem. It's SO hard for me to throw away Christmas cards after the holiday is over. I feel bad because people paid good money to send them to me... (well it was hard-earned no matter how much they spent), and I think it is fun to look through them and see how people have changed over the years. But until now, I never really had a system to keep them in control.

So here is what I came up with:
I scrapbooked (I did mine digitally, but you could do it however you want) a title page with the year and "Greeting from Family and Friends" on the bottom. Then I just hole-punched all the cards and letters. I folded the letters in half with the writing on the outside so they would fit better.

Then I just strung them all on a metal ring and added some Christmas ribbon. Do it - it was super easy and quick!


  1. Just this afternoon my mom told me about this cute idea. She said she found it on-line. I wonder if it was your blog? Too cute!

  2. My mom also found another good idea - create scrapbook pages containing pictures of the cards and that way you can fit a bunch on one 12 by 12.

  3. yeah I like this idea. thanks! You're right, I'll probably have to get rid of a whole bunch. Steve wanted to right when we got them but I was like NOOOO. haha, but as time goes on, it doesn't seem so important anymore, like you said. :)


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