Thursday, July 9, 2009

Natural History Museum (Day 4)

See Toadally Frogs at the Natural History Museum (among other exhibits):

This was so fun! Well, except we decided to go on the one day that every preschool in Salt Lake Valley had their field trip - I think there were 100 little kids running around us. We got to see them feed the frogs and learn that they can eat pretty much anything their size or smaller, but some frogs eat birds and fish - but not small children. Harvey was relieved.

Rylie's favorite frog, the most poisonous in the world! Called the Terrible Dart Frog. That one little guy could kill 2 elephants or 5 humans with the venum inside his little body. Crazy!

Kennedy's favorite, the Blue Dart Frog - also poisonous. (the blue thing in the pic)

Lauren's favorite, a tree frog... (sorry about the flash)

Harvey's favorite, the Rococoa toad - one of the largest in South America. (and the largest at the exhibit)

The dino puzzle we put together: (they have a really fun "Dinosaur Discovery" section where you can do puzzles, climb into a huge footprint, play games, and dig for bones)

Harvey begged me to take his picture next to this monstrosity. Click on the picture to see how excited he was...

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  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! We just went for the first time on Monday...Hunter loved the frogs and dinasours, but isn't quite to the museum stage of the game...he RAN through everything!


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