Thursday, January 29, 2009

The First Annual Snowman Party

I babysit my nieces three days a week. It works out pretty well because I can take Harvey with me, and all three girls can't get enough of him. Anyway, yesterday was the first day of their "off track time" and I decided to plan a party to avoid the dreaded "I'm bored" whining. And I learned: when kept busy, the three kids not only don't whine, but they don't pick on/sass/yell at each other either! I plan on having at least one activity or craft planned every day for the next three weeks!

We had so much fun, I think I'll make it a tradition - and plan a few more things for next year.

Melted Snowman (really Potato Chowder with a floating carrot and some peppercorns)

Snowman on a Stick
(The recipe actually called for pretzel sticks as arms, mini chocolate chips, and all the items to be on a kabob stick, but we didn't have those - here are the improvisations.)


Hunt for the Snowman Parts
Clue 1: To find the snowman piece by piece, look for the first by an indoor tree.

Clue 2: You're right on track! Find the middle piece by a massage for your back.

Clue 3: Look for something red that is hiding your snowman's head.

Clue 4: What is a snowman without his hat? Find it hiding next to a cat...

Clue 5: A snowman's arms are made of twigs. Find one under a couch that's BIG!

Clue 6: One more arm left to find... look where cold food resides.

Clue 7: Now assemble your snowman and look to see... what's missing?

Then I gave them each a "nose" to play the next game.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Foam Snowmen


  1. Wow-that is great. It looks like you spent a lot of time planning/preparing for those girls...they are very lucky to have such a wonderful aunt!

  2. Lucky girls...and might I add that Harvey's overalls melt my heart? So adorable. You have such great ideas for entertaining children! You should just start a day care. :)

  3. You really are creative. Those kids are lucky to have you babysitting them. Good job!

  4. Holy crap, Tiff. I'm barely able to take care of one little baby and you've got a gaggle of kids being well behaved and entertained. I love the melted snowman soup. It's genius.

  5. YOU HAVE oops caps lock. anyways you have to be the best nanny ever! fo real you totally rock tiff! way to be creative :)

  6. Okay I absolutely LOVE the idea of having soup be melted snowman. Did you make that up? I am so impressed!

  7. You will love being able to use all these fab ideas with your own kids later on. My kids think I'm so creative with all the stuff we do, but what they don't know is that half of it comes right out of the files I used when I was teaching school.

    Snowman soup, I'm totally going to use that. My kids will love it!


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