Wednesday, October 29, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

So first I was inspired by my friend Anna, who was inspired by her friend Emily, who was inspired by her friend Jo. Then, I found a website called Day Zero trying to get people to join the fun.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable, or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of stretching on your part.)

Starting Date: October 29, 2008
Completion Date: July 27, 2011

I can do that. So.. here's my list:
  1. Prepare for and participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness 5k in May.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon in one week. Completed 11/17/2010
  3. Finish the "Justin and Tiff Dating Scrapbook." Completed 12/1/2010
  4. Have a baby. Completed 11/27/2008
  5. Get back to pre-Harvey weight.Completed 12/11/2008
  6. Make cute Christmas neighbor gifts. Completed 12/16/2008
  7. Have family pictures taken. Completed 8/22/2009
  8. Get my Christmas cards/baby announcements sent out before December 15, 2008. Completed 12/17/2008
  9. Visit and take pictures of This is the Place Park and Old Deseret Village.
  10. Visit and take pictures of Ensign Peak.
  11. Visit and take pictures of Welfare Square.
  12. Visit and take pictures of church history sites around Temple Square.
  13. Finish my Church History Scrapbook including numbers 9-12.
  14. Go to a Farmer's market. Buy something to can.
  15. Can the item I bought at the Farmer's market.
  16. Can spaghetti sauce. Completed 9/4/2009
  17. Finish searching Yanda names on the IGI for my mom. Completed 1/31/2011
  18. Finish sewing curtains for the house. Completed 2/?/2009
  19. Help plant a garden. Completed 5/?/2009
  20. Finish our Sealing scrapbook. Completed 12/5/2009
  21. Cook and freeze 30 meals again (by the time I go into labor). Completed 11/13/08
  22. Attend breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Wheeler Farm.
  23. Try making homemade baby food. Completed 4/13/2009
  24. Go see the snowmen at Gardner Village.
  25. Go to Ghost Tales at This is The Place Monument
  26. Go to a Star Party on Antelope Island
  27. Attend a Lollipops Orchestra Series at Abravanel Hall.
  28. Try a food I have never eaten before.
  29. Do a session at 6 different temples. (2/6)
  30. Teach Harvey 20 ASL signs. (15/20)
  31. Baby proof my house.Completed 1/2/2010
  32. Fit into my orange-lined jeans again.Completed 1/4/2010
  33. Get all my pictures hung. Completed 2009
  34. Wash all the windows inside and out. Completed 7/31/2009
  35. See a play at Hale Theater.
  36. See the Christmas Lights at Temple Square. Completed 11/26/2009
  37. Complete and update our 72 hour kits. Started 3/29/2011
  38. Organize a FHE packet group. Meet regularly (this can be every month or twice a year). Completed 2/28/2009
  39. Replace the vanity/sink in the half bathroom so people can actually wash their hands. Completed 2/28/2009
  40. Host a family party at our house. Completed 7/25/2009
  41. Hike Mt. Timpanogas.
  42. Actually use my jogging stroller to go jogging: 3 days a week for 3 weeks.
  43. Get recertified in CPR..
  44. ...and First Aid.
  45. Pay off my car. Completed 10/30/08
  46. Buy the tote tray kid organizer from Ikea and organize Harvey's toys.Completed 1/22/2010
  47. Get life insurance. Completed 11/2/2010
  48. Upload all our pictures onto Completed 5/20/09
  49. Burn all our pictures by year onto CD.Completed 5/20/2009
  50. Buy a negative scanner, and scan all my mom's negatives. (Half completed 12/28/2009)
  51. Pay off all our student loans.
  52. Actually graduate by paying the $25 grad. date change and recieve my diploma in the mail! Completed 7/10/2010
  53. Go through old childhood books and toys at my mom's house and decide what she wants to keep and relieve her of the rest. Completed 6/19/2010
  54. Buy a new mattress.
  55. Start a Roth IRA.
  56. Attend Justin's 10 year highschool reunion. Not Competed
  57. Plan a great surprise party for one of Justin's birthday parties.
  58. Go on a cruise or other vacation with only Justin and I. Completed 7/12/2010
  59. Drive the speed limit for one day. (This must be a day when I'm in the car alot). Completed 7/6/2011
  60. Finish decorating my house.
  61. See Savior of the World. Completed 1/1/2011
  62. Do a colon cleanse after I stop nursing.
  63. Create a blog book on 12/5/2009
  64. Change the address on my drivers license. Completed 5/18/09
  65. Go to the Hogle Zoo. Completed 7/29/2009
  66. Do a 1000 piece puzzle by myself.
  67. Buy a paper shredder.Completed 1/?/2009
  68. Take Harvey camping. Completed 6/15/2009
  69. Get a sticky under-the-rug mat, and sticky *somethings* to go under our couches in the living room so they wont slide on the wooden floor.Completed 12/22/2009
  70. Treat my mom to a mom/daughter date where I actually pay for everything.
  71. Put together a "auto emergency kit" for the truck and update the one for the car.
  72. Give my car a much needed detailing job. Completed 4/?/2009
  73. Do it again like a year later. I'm sure it will need it again.
  74. Go to a pumpkin patch. Completed 10/28/2010
  75. Go to a Drive-in movie.
  76. Bowl a 200. Justin Completed 2010
  77. Whiten my teeth. Again.
  78. Get a fully funded Emergency Fund. Started 4/17/2010
  79. Make a gingerbread house. Completed 10/25/2010
  80. Get new shocks for the truck. Not Completed
  81. Get one of those old time western photos taken of our little family.
  82. Have a professional bra fitting.
  83. Organize the office/my craft room. Completed 3/20/2010
  84. Get a closet organizer for our room so all of our clothes fit in the closet. DIed them instead 3/27/2011
  85. Make Justin breakfast in bed. Completed 2/14/2011
  86. Use all the gift cards in my wallet. (From our wedding!) Completed 6/27/2010
  87. Learn to drive a stick-shift.
  88. Get a newspaper subscription.
  89. Donate blood. *shudder*
  90. Read 10 new books (10/10)
  91. Attend a "girls night." Completed 7/29/2009
  92. Go through Justin's sock drawer and eliminate all with holes, purchase more dress socks. Completed 5/16/09
  93. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru. Completed 5/16/2010
  94. Make a fondant cake.
  95. See Wicked.
  96. Learn how to solve the last part of a Rubix's Cube.
  97. Buy a set of 8 or 12 stem glasses.Completed 1/2/2010
  98. Buy some cute close-toed black shoes for winter time.
  99. Go SCUBA diving.
  100. Save $10 for each item completed.
  101. Make a new list of 101 Things to Do before I complete this one. Completed 7/27/2011
If any of you want to join in.. feel free. :)


  1. yay! I'm so excited for you.

    #21 -- you have room to freeze 30 meals? amazing.

    #23 -- we have an overabundance of squash. seriously tons. we didn't plant it, it just grew. so if you want some for baby food I'd be more than happy to drop some by your house

    #35 -- we have season tickets at Hale next year, you guys should double with us

    #38 -- I want to hear more about this

    #47&#55 -- my husband is a financial planner he'd be more than happy to help set you up with some life insurance & an IRA

    #82 I recommend Nordstrom, during the Anniversary Sale in late July/early August

    #89 I've done it a bunch of times, no stress, those guys are pros

    By the way, I'm adding some of these to my list. What a great list!!! (Oh and I do want to borrow your murder mystery game, I'll let you know when I figure out a date)

  2. I am SOOO contemplating doing this. What a great idea. I checked out the website, and there are so many other self-fulfilling things there, too! Thanks for sharing your list, you have inspired me!

  3. I have an absolutely kickin' spaghetti sauce recipe when you are ready! And I can give you easy hints on how to make your own baby food as well. Woohoo about getting the car paid off!


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