Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YW Award Ceremony

Last year I started planning for the Award Ceremony the second we were unpacked from camp. This year... was another story. I was in the middle of my crazy 1 month stretch and didn't even have time to think about awards before packing up and heading to Bear Lake.

Luckily we have an awesome Young Women's Presidency - and I learned to delegate a little more. Lori planned the whole night, thought of awards, and decorated the room. All I had to do was throw together a slideshow of all the pictures we had. Needless to say - it was a fabulous night! (Thanks Lori.. you're a life saver!)

The girls requested another Award Ceremony (our first one was last year). They love having a night to remember all of the fun they had at camp, and share all of the things they did with their parents. So fun. 

The awards were so cute! Here they are in no particular order..
Mandi Najera - Tumbling Tumble Weed Award (for being full of energy and a girl who kept on rollin')
Taryn Green & Amanda Meyers - Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of Service Award (for always being willing to help and not complaining like the real Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of DIService)
(no picture) Marissa Earley - Cow Whisperer Award (for being quiet in volume, but having her presense felt by everyone... and our mascot was the cow)
Elise Scott - Sharp Shooting Sharpie Award (for the artist of the group who's pictures were awed by many)
(Harli Galvan &) Kayla Livingston - Friendly Stowaway Awards (for two girls who although don't live in our ward, stowawayed into our hearts)
Courtney Denning - Unugly, Ugly Cow Hair-do Award (for having the best "do" there)
(no picture) Seirra George - Water Hole of Knowledge Award (for being full of knowledge and always eager to learn by reading the scriptures)
Mariah Najera - Blossom Like a Rose Award (Brigham Young referred to the desert of the Salt Lake valley as the desert in Isaiah 35:1 "the desert will blossom as a rose")
Baylie Fowlks - Dirty Harriette Award (Thank goodness for running water at camp! If it weren't for water this girl would have really stunk by the end. In her efforts to play her role to the fullest she rolled around in the dirt so she would look like the Rhinestone Cowboy Prince)
Emily Bracken - Rock Our Socks Off Award (Emily wrote this all over our tablecloths...)
Rachel Martin - Dolly Parton Bosom Buddy Award (for being the fabulous wish granter in our Cinder Cowgirl Skit)
Kylie DeMann, Lauren Groves, (& Arin) - 3 Amigo Awards (for always being inseparable)
Jerica - for filling a big hole in our ward family, by giving us a laurel!
Norm Ogden - Pack Mule Award (for packing, hauling, and unpacking all of our stuff!!)
Bishop Longhurst - Bull Surfer Award (for lasting the whole 8 seconds!)
Lori gave Amanda and I awards as well. We were "Buffalo Tiff and Amanda Oakley for the Best Show on the Road." I didn't take the "Buffalo" part to mean anything about my current figure.

And THIS... Lori had all the girls sign a square of this quilt as a thank you gift. As if she is the one who should be thanking me.. I absolutely LOVE it! Especially the little cow in the bottom left corner. You can't see it that great from the picture but it's so stinkin' cute! I don't care if it matches my living room or not - it's going by the couch so I can snuggle with it while watching tv. :)

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