Saturday, August 2, 2008

How the West was ONE!

Girls Camp was SO awesome this year! Last year we had a ton of fun with just 7 girls, but this year we doubled in size. Some of the girls brought friends and others graduated from primary - but I was so excited to have more girls up there.
Seriously, for 14 girls between the ages of 12 and 16, plus us women bringing the total to 21... we had no drama. It was awesome.

This year our Stake chose "How the West was ONE!" for our theme. I was SO excited to have a western theme. We can just choose a color for our theme, and when I found these adorable tiara cowgirl hats, I knew I had to get them. They had little LED lights that ran on batteries! I snagged them for a little more than 5 bucks each HERE.

The girls decided they wanted to be the "Sharp Shooters", so I knew we would have to get them some little pistols. I found these water guns at this site for .70 a piece! Plus I talked to the Primary Presidency, and they went in on a huge box with me for their summer water activity.

Some of the highlights were:
  • The cutest "town sign" in the whole stake

  • Norm Ogden and all of his help
  • Our skit - "Cinder Cowgirl and her Discovery of Faith"

  • Delicious camp food
  • Quilting with the Relief Society Presidency
  • Fun at Echo Lake
  • Roasting biscuits
  • The Bishop's 8 Second Ride
  • Doodling on our tables
  • Our ADORABLE pink cowgirl hats
  • And, of course... the Moose.

We are also named all the areas around our camp:

General Store - Food Tent
Sherriff's Office - Leader's Tent
Boot Hill Bank and Post Office - Our secret sister mailboxes and kindness store
Golden Nugget Inn - Girls Tent
Heartbreak Hotel - Girls Tent
Broken Arrow Blacksmith - Fire Pit


  1. That's fabulous. I'm so jealous of your church calling! I love Girls Camp.

  2. Tiff, you are the best camp director ever! Thanks for all you do. Tara

  3. It takes a brave man to be Bishop during the week of girls' camp!


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