Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knot Tying (optional)

Big Beetle Game:
Each beetle needs:
  • 8 short pieces of rope (string)
  • 1 beetle head (cardboard with hole for attaching to body)
  • 2 antennae - 2 pieces of wire in a loop
  • 2 eyes - 2 large circles
Players need:
  • A bucket
  • Large dice
  • Tape and glue
  • Long piece of rope
  • Short rope
Provide all items for each patrol. Each girl throws a dice in turn. A 6 must be thrown first to get the body (the bucket). Then when a 5 is thrown, the head is attached with a reef knot. Then when a 4 is thrown, the legs are attached with reef knots. At the 3, the tail is attached, which is a short piece of rope tied in a reef knot. When the next player rolls a 2, the antennae are stuck to head with tape. When a 1 is thrown, glue the eyes into place. When the beetle is complete, a long rope is tied around the neck with a bowline and the beetle is dragged across the finishing line some distance away.
You could also do this on a smaller level, so each girl is competing alone. (for smaller groups)

Handout:(I found this handout on another site)
I made up 4x6 handouts for most of the certification items. The idea is that you print them, laminate them and punch a hole in the top. Then with a small metal ring you can attach them to a backpack.

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