Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personal Progress Congratulatory Letter

Once a Young Woman finishes the Personal Progress program, you can request that a Congratulatory Letter be sent to her from the Young Woman General Presidency. (Umm, that was a lot of capital letters!)

But seriously... how cool would that be to get a letter from them after all of your hard work? And Personal Progress is a lot of work. These girls deserve to have their efforts recognized.

We recently had four girls finish their Personal Progress so I sent an e-mail to request a letter for each of them. I got a response saying it would take 2 to 4 weeks to process, but I got the letters 6 days later - the day before our Recognition Night. Does the Lord provide tender mercies, or what?! But I do live in Utah and that might have helped, so if you are interested keep that time frame in mind.

E-mail the following to
  • Full name of the girl who will be receiving the letter.
  • Full mailing address of where you'd like the letter sent.
  • Date she completed her Personal Progress.
  • Ward & Stake
  • Leader name and calling; or state that you are her parent/guardian.
 You can also send this information by mail or fax...
  • Office of the Young Women General Presidency
    76 North Main Street

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-6030
  • Fax: (801) 240-5458
They sent all 4 letters together, so I dressed up regular white envelopes with stamps for my girls. 


  1. Thank you so much! I just got called as PP coordinator and I had no idea about this!

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